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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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at least 20 shots. right now at 11:00, breaking news. chaos on a local freeway. gunfire from a passing car forcing all lanes to close. tonight, the unlikely witness to the violence. news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thank for yo joining us. i'm vicky nguyen. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. eastbound in richmond now open. a police officer witnessed it
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all. >> nbc bay area news roz slater is there. she's been on the scene for several hours. more than 20 shots were fired. this is an ongoing problem there in the east bay. what is the latest? >> reporter: it is an ongoing problem and the miracle maybe that nobody actually was injured in all of this. but just imagine how terrifying it had to be. you're driving down the highway, shots start flying in apparently a random attack. here's what we know so far. we're told on all of this began just before 7:00 tonight when a chp officer pulled over a white van in a traffic stop. the passenger w -- we spoke wit witness and the chp sergeant on scene who said it looked like the officer was not the target. >> i was just walking by here and suddenly i heard just -- at least 20 shots. >> we don't think right now that the officer or the person that
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he had stopped was the intended victim. is it road rage? is it just people, you know, just think because they're behind the wheel of a vehicle that they're invincible? i don't know. >> now, one of the bullets struck the hood of a ford focus that was driving by. that driver fortunately was not injured. officers shut down the eastbound lanes of 580 to collect evidence, the casings from some 20 shots fired. the chp says it looks like they came from a handgun. now at this point in time, there is not much of a description of the suspected shooter other than someone driving a white suv. they're asking anybody who was on the road on the time and might have seen something to call chp. >> roz, thanks very much. more details now. freeway shootings, a major problem in the east bay. there have been more than 100 shootings in the past two and a half years. a dangerous problem has forced.
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leaders in several cities to install surveillance cameras along several freeways. comes during a violent stretch for the city of richmond. that city had not had a homicide since november until last week, now they've had three homicides. the city's mayor issued a statement condemning the violence and asking the community to stay vigilant, report anything suspicious. moments after we learned about that shooting, we sent a push alert to our viewers. sign up for breaking news alerts by going to nbc bay area stay up to date on all the breaking news around the bay area. >> we're going to turn our attention to the weather. pretty perfect conditions across the bay today. don't get used to it, terry. we're going to give you one last look at san francisco while it's still out there. >> it is gorgeous out there. if you're heading outdoors, rain may have an impact on your plans. >> you're going to notice it's going to be a little chilly out there. that's because this is a colder storm. the drop in temperature is going to be very noticeable. i know it's a little late but these are the current
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temperatures. oakland, 56 degrees right now. san jose, 59, palo alto, 54, san francisco, 55. the temperature trend into the overnight hours stays relatively in the 50s across the board. so you'll wake up to 50s and some 40s, but you're going to notice a lot of that cloud cover early on on sunday. the reason for that is we're tracking this system right here. you can already see that rain developing. it's a system dropping in from alaska. that's why we're deeming this a very cold system. it's going to bring some snow to the sierra. i'll break down the timeline of the rain for you coming up in just a bit. back to you. >> sounds good. don't let the conditions take you by surprise. download our nbc bay area app. it is free. monitor the rain and be the first to know when it's here. now to our other top story. the world is reacting to the president's decision to attack syria. this morning, mr. trump tweeted, mission accomplished. the pentagon says the strike did what they were supposed to do and they were, quote, precise, overwhelming and effective.
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while the missiles struck the heart of syria's chemical weapons program, the pentagon concedes the attack may not have destroyed syria's weapons stockpiles. also today, the u.n. security council met and it was heated. after a two-hour debate, members rejected russia's resolution to condemn the missile attack. >> we call on russia to take a hard look at the company it keeps and live up to its responsibilities as a permanent member of the council. >> there were no casualties reported in the wake of the missile strikes. >> waiting on reaction from russia. so far it's been only words. russian military officials tell our international partners at nbc news that syrian air defenses shot down 71 missiles out of the 103 that were fired. nbc news has not been able to verify that. t the pentagon says no missiles were intercepted. in a statement issued by the kremlin, president putin said russian military experts found no trace of a chemical attack
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that sparked this whole thing. quote, an action of aggression and lawless. local anti-war activists gathered in downtown san francisco to protest the bombing of syria. nbc bay area sergio quintana has the story. >> reporter: there is some relief that the attack was so short but there is concern about additional action. >> the bombings seemed to have stopped right now but nikki haley and others are saying we're locked and loaded and we are ready to attack again. >> reporter: on the day after the u.s. along with the united kingdom and france launched missiles at syrian targets -- >> stop the war on syria. >> reporter: protesters in san francisco had custom signs built and specific concerns about why president donald trump authorized the strike. one organizer wondered if it had to do with president trump's legal concerns. his personal attorney's offices in new york were just raided by the fbi. >> trump wanted to change the subject. he certainly wants to change the subject.
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do i think that's the main reason driving the u.s. policy? no, i think there is a longer term policy, trying to dominate this whole region. >> reporter: another had questions about the facilities targeted in damascus, syria's largest city. specifically, what are the dangers of launching bombs at chemical facilities that are near people. >> you're trying to protect the people of syria from assad chemically bombing them and then we go inside a city and bomb a chemical plant. >> reporter: before this larger demonstration, members of code pink showed up outside the san francisco homes of senator dianne feinstein and congresswoman nancy pelosi. senator feinstein tweeted about the attack, it read in part, assad must not be allowed to gas his citizens but congress also must be consulted regarding use of force. >> that was sergio quintana reporting. we're going to continue to follow the developments of this story on air and online at we have devoted an entire page out of washington to the situation in syria. people in an east bay neighborhood on edge today. told to stay inside their homes
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after a barrage of gunfire. a shelter in place -- got a call about gun fire at about 2:30 this afternoon. when officers arrived, they found multiple shell casings on the ground. they didn't locate anyone who was injured or find the shooter. >> police in the finns la are investigating a bank robbery with a suspect who chose a memorable outfit. take a look at the surveillance photo. the man wearing construction clothes. the hard hat, bright orange jacket. police say he walked in the bank in palo alto yesterday, approached the teller, showed her a gun in his waistband and demanded money. when she went to the back room, police say the suspect jumped over the counter, stole money from the drawers and ran off. a late night fire destroyed a house on the peninsula. a home in redwood city. crews quickly knocked down the fire. no one was home at the time. investigators believe the fire somehow spread from the fireplace.
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there was a dog in the home but they think the dog managed to get out safely. it was not immediately located. playoff basketball brings out the best in the warriors, apparently. the defending nba champs thrilled fans with a big win over the san antonio spurs. here is the confetti coming down in oracle arena after the ws game-one victory. celebrated, something they haven't been doing much lately because they've been struggling, but this performance today had a lot of fans saying this team is ready for another deep postseason run. >> i wasn't expected us to come out this strong. we had a rough last few games of the season but it played off. >> this is our first playoff game. it's so exciting just to even be here. >> she's got the best attitude. the highlights of the game coming up later in sports. >> some of the best fans in the business. still to come, starbucks is saying sorry for a police encounter that has gone viral and led to outrage. what the coffee chain says it is now doing to prevent this from
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happening again. we have lift-off. this rocket launched out of florida tonight. the mission is taking on for the u.s. military. and i hope you still have that umbrella and a coat lying around. at least a light sweater because we've got a storm system on the way. i'll track the timeline for you and how this is going to impact your sunday and the start of your work week coming up. there's only one word for the all new
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together forever-a pixar night time spectacular. ooohhhh. ahhhhhh. okay, maybe two. celebrate friendship and beyond at pixar fest. staring april 13th at disneyland resort. a rocket carrying two new satellites launched into space. new video out of cape canaveral, florida. a rocket carrying two new satellites launched into space. helping the united states air force beef up its communication system. they're going to help with communications for senior military commanders. >> that's incredible to see that. starbucks is saying sorry
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tonight after two black men were arrested for waiting inside one of the chain's coffee shops. the incident was caught on camera and it quickly went viral with many people calling it racial profiling. on thursday, police arrested these two men at a starbucks in philadelphia. they were sitting at a table waiting for a friend. one man asked for the bathroom code. saying the pair was trespassing because they didn't make an order. starbucks says, quote, we apologize to the two individuals and our commerce. the chain says it is reviewing its policies and how it engages with the police so it can avoid another incidentally this. what happens next for the grand old party after the house speaker paul ryan announced he will retire. rattling republicans who expect a fierce struggle to maintain their majority. tomorrow morning, ryan speaks exclusively with chuck todd on "meet the press." here is a preview of that interview. >> we won that election. we're executing that agenda.
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we're getting it done. this leadership team has come together and gelled, this conference has been unified and we've gotten things done. that's the point i'm trying to make. we have a great story to tell. we have a great record to run on. we have made a huge positive difference in people's lives and people are more confident as a result of it. >> you can see the entire interview tomorrow morning at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area. they marched to send a message for the second straight year. people across the country marched in support of science. this is video of the march in oakland. want lawmakers in washington and sacramento to know they care about science. they also want more funding for science classes in school and for basic research. >> people can be more involved in science then they'll be more able to make up their own minds and make their own opinions. >> sponsors of today march san jose's tech museum. next saturday, people are
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planning another march in santa cruz, that's going to coincide with earth day. a big turnout today in san francisco's japan town, thousands of people were there for the annual northern california cherry blossom festival. nbc bay area was there to join in on the fun as a sponsor. displayed colors of japanese culture and of course delicious food. the biggest festival of asian traditions here on the west coast. the fun continues tomorrow and into next weekend if you didn't get a chance to go out and enjoy it today. >> all right, vianey's here now with the forecast for that festival and all of us tomorrow. boy, it's going to be different. >> it's going do be a big change but today was so amazing. at least we had a really solid saturday. because come sunday that temperature change is going to be noticeable. it's even going to feel a little cold out there. even as we head in towards monday as well. to give you perspective of what we experienced today, san jose, 59 degrees. our high for today at 77.
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think about a ten-plus degree drop and that's what we're looking forward to as we head in towards sunday and monday as well. right now, temperatures across the board remain in the 50s. 56 degrees for hayward, oakland 56, napa at 50 degrees right now. along the peninsula in the 50s. dopplar radar right know shows the rain already ---ing off the coast off the orth as well. ukiah, the north bay, expect to see some of that rain first earlier on. let's take a look at that timeline so you have a good idea as dpfar as how to flan out you sunday. by about 12:30, maybe earlier than that, areas of ukiah and santa rosa will be seeing light showers. if i fast-forward this more towards the dinner it time hour they move south towards the golden gate bridge, half moon bay, palo alto, and the hayward area. 7:00, 7:30, you can see the
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south bay then see the rain push through san jose, pleasanton, morgan hill and the gilroy area. expect a sunday cloudy start. rain by the afternoon. if i take this all the way through monday at about 10:00 a.m., you notice we do have a cup 8 of showers that linger. you may catch a slick commute early on. after 11:00 a.m., a chance of thunderstorms developing in the area because it is a colder storm. our microclimate highs expect some breezy conditions. look at the daytime highs. san francisco, 58, oakland, 60. concord 63. because it is colder, the sierra expects to get a decent amount of snowfall from this snow system. twin bridge is about 13 inches, kirkwood about 12 inches. don't be surprised if we see possibly snow for the higher peaks here in the bay area as well. some of the mountaintops
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locally. the next seven days, here is what you can expect. we'll keep the showers through monday, at least until the afternoon. a bit of a break on tuesday. come wednesday we've got another storm system that right now is looking like it's going to move in later into wednesday and linger around just a bit possibly into thursday morning. and if you notice that the syst temperature drops, 66 tomorrow inoakla to 56. we recover -- >> most people are. >> we're going to be just fine. >> just weekend-to-weekend. whatever happens in between, happens. >> vianey, thanks a lot. the weather not the only exciting thing this week. warriors, giants, sharks. kelly johnson joins us with a preview of sports. the nba playoffs are finally here and the warriors of old have returned just in time. looking to defend their title. taking on greg popovich and the
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spurs at oracle earlier today. kevin durant and klay thompson led the charge as golden state amped up their defense. highlights and reaction from a huge game-one win next in sports.
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kelly johnson here at the xfinity sports desk. people on the outside may have forgotten what the warriors can do, but not draymond green. in fact, he made a point of letting everyone know they're still the defending champs who know how to turn it on in the postseason. after the ws rediscover their defense in a 21-point beat down. it was the starting lineup that really set the tone. mcgee a huge difference maker on both ends. running the floor. gets the alley-oop. at the other end, the block of lamarcus al driven. klay thompson dialing it from long range. three of his 27 game-high
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points. 5 of 6 from downtown as the warriors take game one, 113-92. >> regardless of what everyone is saying, the warriors have lost it, they're not together, they can't win without steph. they're not the same team. blah-blah-blah. you know, we know what we're capable of. >> the sharks stole game one in anaheim. trying to take game two tonight. late in the first, tied at 1-1. crosses in front of the net and scores. the power-play goal for the sharks and they take the lead. in the second period now, hurdle with the puck goes inside out. a great move to bury. spectacular puck work, make it 3-1 sharks. sharks win it 3-2 to take a commanding lead back to san
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jose. how about some baseball? giants and padres. up 3-2 after an evan longoria home run. andrew mccutchen follows suit, hit it is high and way deep to extend the giants lead. with a man on, hunter tags for a two-run shot. that his second of the season. that's all the padres would need. san diego wins 5-4. that will do it for sports. more news after the break.
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the coachella crowd seemed to like what this kid is putting out there. his name is mason ramsey. he )s 11 ye the coachella crowd seemed to dig what this kid was putting
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out there. his name is mason ramsey. he's 11 years old. he was captured on camera yodelling in a walmart. the video went viral. here he is performing in front of thousands of people at a major music festival. they loved him. he appeared on the ellen show. she helped him land a spot at the grand ole opr-- >> can we go back to the top of the video? let's have him on the show next weekend. >> we should. >> he's way too big for us. >> he's been on "ellen." he's all over the place. >> if he comes here, it's going to be nice weather next weekend. >> welcome him with 70. this nice drop in temperatures for today and tomorrow. aside from that, we should all be living our best lives just like he is. >> say it, oprah. >> words of advice. that's absolutely free.
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"saturday night live" is up next. >> thank you so much for joining us. have a great night.
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